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Steve Jobs

I posted an earlier version of this a year or so ago and then recently found it on youtube. I don't know why it was there but I decided a new version was in order. So here it is.

I seem to be inadvertantly creating a collection of dead people songs over the years. I'm sure I'm forgetting some but this includes Spalding Gray, Mae West, Yvette Vickers, Natalie Wood, King Richard the Third, Lawn Chair Larry.

I tried and failed to write a song about Jeanne Geiger, a wealthy New Yorker who bought up most of Plum Island, MA to make a resort that was all blue. She fell to her death from the balcony of her Blue Hotel while cleaning up dog poo.

Sort of writes itself doesn't it? Maybe too much.


At Once A Party I Felt Too Old At Twice A Party I Felt Too Young

Sort of sums up why I'm not going out tonight. That and it's way too cold. 


All The Stars Are Falling From The Sky

What can I say it's been a rough month for the old guard. With more to come as time passes us all on.



I Love Bands When They Play It Hard Thank You David Bowie

As I mourn the passing of the great David Bowie and indulge in the feast of great songs and film footage available for my gluttonous eyes I was curious as to his Spongebob Squarepants role. I found this.

Farewell Ruler Of Atlantis, David Bowie.

This is my favorite "single" version of Rebel Rebel with the fucked up sounding backup vocals.







A Well Armed Man

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