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At Once A Party I Felt Too Old At Twice A Party I Felt Too Young

Sort of sums up why I'm not going out tonight. That and it's way too cold. 


All The Stars Are Falling From The Sky

What can I say it's been a rough month for the old guard. With more to come as time passes us all on.



I Love Bands When They Play It Hard Thank You David Bowie

As I mourn the passing of the great David Bowie and indulge in the feast of great songs and film footage available for my gluttonous eyes I was curious as to his Spongebob Squarepants role. I found this.

Farewell Ruler Of Atlantis, David Bowie.

This is my favorite "single" version of Rebel Rebel with the fucked up sounding backup vocals.







A Well Armed Man


Changing Lanes

In case things seems confusing..

Pretty much at this point I have placed all pro recordings on bandcamp and the various streaming agencies. Soundcloud will be where I post song demos both new and old, weird alternate studio versions where I sing in French etc

That is all. Thanks for listening!

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