The Clip Clop of Doom

Ballon Chase Team was the last of my bands to appear on Harriet Records. While we never performed under that name we managed to get a few recordings out.  "The Other Shoe" and "Clip Clop of Doom" were released on the 1998 Harriet compilation "The Friendly Society" I don't know why both songs are about shoes.



Harriet Records

I was in a lot of bands that appeared on Harriet Records. A label that Tim Alborn ran from 1989-1998 while laboring as an assistant professor at Harvard. Now Tim has uploaded a playlist that features much of the Harriet Catalog. He has included this track which was never released but I gave to Tim on a cassette at a going away party for him when he was leaving Cambridge. Notable mostly for being the first recording under the name Uranium Daughters.


July 25 - The Very with special guest Jimmy Ryan

ONCE Somerville Presents

Mon July 25

The Very

With special guest:

Jimmy Ryan

Free music, delicious tacos. Also a couple additional songs will be performed by The Nocturnal Adoration Society!




Baby Blue

41 years ago today.

I have in the past posted this cover version for Pete Ham's birthday but this year I am doing it for his death day which is just 3 days before his birthday. In the wake of all the big music star deaths of this still young year I remember this as the first crushing one for me. Followed 5 years later by John Lennon.


My Tree

I got a video camera for my birthday.

My Tree

This is a solo version of My Tree which appeared in the band version on Tomorrow Will Be As Happy As Music.


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