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Other Side Of The Moon

I was on vacation when I heard that Neil Armstrong had died. Although the most famous voyager on that moon mission owing to his first bootie status, I find astronaut Michael Collins story more compelling. He was the one left alone in the spacecraft to orbit the moon until if all went without a hitch he'd be back in position for pick up. Fortunately this (until now!) unsung hero wrote down his thoughts when he was on the dark side of the moon. Of course when I saw them I could not help but to put them to music. More than once.



If you have read the About section you probably get the idea that I've been playing in a bunch of bands for awhile. During all that time in all those clubs in Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville there has been one constant. An almost Buddha like figure standing quietly and appreciatively in the audience.  This fixture to many in the Boston music scene is Bob Colby. I am happy to be playing with the band this Sunday (8-12-12) at his 60th(whoo hoo) birthday party at TT the Bears in Central Square Cambridge. Lots of bands old and new will be playing this marathon event from 12pm-12am. We start the music off at 1:00.

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