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Keep Me Covered

A collection of songs
I recorded but did not write.

Oh yes I believe I was to explain attacks on my head...

High speed collision with cast iron skillet hanging from a pot rack.

Tree limb turned into gougy pokey thing at eye level.

Talon attack by Blue Jays protecting wobbly, too soon from the nest, offspring.

Just waiting for the next one...I can't take myself anywhere.


On further attacks on my head.

This post is really about the announcement of what has to date been a semiannual event. Our live appearance at a local club!

In this case under the auspices of Club Bohemia at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge Ma. A lovely spot, and a night of lively ladies what more could you ask for to start your summer?

 As to my head, I believe that may be discussed in the next post...


King Of The Parking Lot

I am sure I am not alone in wanting to write this song.  A quicky, but the duration of Richard's reign as England's King was pretty quick too.


Uranium Daughters On Tour! 1/10/13 at the Rosebud 

Well Songkick considers it a tour albeit of a one night duration.

Tomorrow is my birthday and perhaps I will have cake. But better still 2 days later, this Thursday January 10,  Uranium Daughters will play at the Rosebud Bar & Grill in Davis Square Somerville. It's a cosy venue, no back stage even, so it won't take many to make it feel like a party. We play first at 9:00 pm. followed by The Milkman's Union, and then Nina Violet. If you're in the neighborhood come on by!


Steve Jobs

Like a good hamster I always eat my broccolli. I also enjoy eating apples but I have never owned an Apple product. So this song is in no way an endorsement. The lyrics probably make that obvious.