Spring hops eternal. New recordings, new show. Tea Parties.

Could soon be warm enough for a tea party outside.

Uranium Daughters was in the studio at Armory Sound last week with Pete Weiss working on basic tracks for 4 new songs. One more session for a few overdubs and some mixing and they will be ready for launch or lunch.

In June we follow up our beach party performance with a show we are very excited about on June 24 at TT the Bears in Cambridge. We are pleased to be playing with the bands Powerslut, My Own Worst Enemy, and  Maximum Hackman. 3 out of the 4 bands are from Somerville so come show your Somerville pride if you are into that sort of thing. But come anyway, should be a night of pretty solid rock.

That is all for now, updates will be posted accordingly.

I wish it would be warm, toes craving sandals.


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