Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast

Ok so I have been delinquent in posting anything new. I use summer as my excuse and I hope everyone is enjoying the heat, humidity, and lethargy of the season. I have not been completely idle as things are happening in September that I previously alluded to and plans are unfolding accordingly. First Uranium Daughters will be performing on September 13 as part of Bob Colby's monthly series at Store 54 in Boston. This will be our re-do with The Vivs, and also joining the bill will be Count Zero.

Then on the following Saturday September 20, FERTILE VIRGIN IS HAVING A REUNION! We will be performing as part of the massive 80 band line up at the multi-week, multi-venue Pipeline 25th anniversay celebration.

Here is a list of all the bands involved so far:

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