Last Chocolate Holiday Until Halloween!

Yes it is the last chocolate holiday for awhile so I hope everyone got plenty of bunnies and eggs. From now until then it's strawberries, grilled things, and frozen drinks. I can't wait to stop wearing socks and shoes. Today still feels cold but hopeful which I guess is the definition of Spring.

In music related events, the Fertile Virgin mythology continues to dog me. WMBR's live music show Pipeline will be celebrating it's 25th anniversay in September and Fertile Virgin and/or Twig has been asked to regroup and perform. I would like to do it but geography and emotional rifts make either unlikely. Still I won't say never quite yet.

As for more current events new Uranium Daughters songs are almost ready to go.  Just a few tweaks on the final mixes...and this Saturday 4/26 we play the Armory Cafe in Somerville with the band Sool. If you can't make it we will be back May 24 with The Vivs.



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