Uranium Daughters at the Cantab Lounge 11/14 - Hurray For Peaches!

Hurray for peaches, and Bob Colby who is putting on his last Show at the Cantab lounge this Thursday November 14. We are pleased to be 2nd on the bill which promises to have a psychedelic tinge with 28 degrees Tauraus, Harvey Mapcase, and Reindeer. Apparently there is a lot of competition for show goers that night, with the Flaming Groovies staging a revival at Radio, and Triptych featuring music and video by Porcelain, Catherine Capozzi and others at Oberon. I don't mind this as I think it's fantastic to live in a place that has so many offerings on a Thursday night. I'll be at TT's the next night to watch more music, and most likely cringe at my video debut in a Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling video.  Actually as it turns out it is a week of video cameos for me as I volunteered my hula hooping services in the Porcelain video, which I unfortunately will not be in attendance to see. So all in all a good week to get out and about before the first snow storms blanket us all. I hope to see people!

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