This Is The Place - Entries



                             Julie Kantner

I am a Boston area musician making music under the name Uranium Daughters and also in the band The Very. I often prefer animals to humans and tequila is my alcohol of choice even if whiskey is more fashionable.

If for whatever reason you have further interest the story goes something like this:

I played guitar and sang in a lot of bands that appeared on Tim Alborn's Harriet Records label that came out of Cambridge, MA in the 1990's. The first was Fertile Virgin with the 7" release of Lucky Day.

After the breakup of FV, guitarist Trisha Matthews and I went on to form the band Twig that put out 2 singles on Harriet, a CD on Candy Floss, and compilation appearances on Harriet, spinART, Pop Narcotic, and Dreamboat

The guitar and drum duo Orans came from the remains of Twig releasing one single on Harriet. The addition of bass and another guitar made Balloon Chase Team who released two songs on the final Harriet VA CD release, The Friendly Society as well as the Candy Floss release Pure Spun Sugar.

Before Tim left Cambridge in the late 90's I gave him a cassette of home recordings under the name Uranium Daughters. The name stuck as I continued writing and recording at home. Later the project became a band with the addition of Eric Krauter from Invisible Rays on guitar and trumpet, former Twig bass player Niels LaWhite, and Walter Young on drums. To date there are 3 self released EPs and 2 singles. Most recently I traveled solo to Dallas, Texas and recorded the newest EP of songs under the solid guidance of producer Salim Nourallah. It is called Oz because coming to Dallas from Boston seemed like landing in a different world only I arrived in an airplane rather than a flying house.

Fertile Virgin got back together as a three piece in 2014 for a Pipeline reunion show. After that bass player Donna Sartanowicz and I played a couple of shows under the name Cricket and when FV drummer Leslie Boissett moved back from NYC we became a new band called The Very. A name given to us by Mission Of Burma's Clint Conley. Our new EP Perfumed Apolcapyse is here