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No One Wants To Be In Love Today

From the forthcoming EP Oz
Produced by Salim Nourallah
Dallas, Texas

Video shot at Mt. Auburn Cemetery a beautiful park the dead share with the living.
Cambridge, MA



All The Stars


Uranium Daughters - All The Stars from Rose Defiant on Vimeo.


From the forthcoming EP Oz
Produced by Salim Nourallah

Julie Kantner - vocals, guitar
Salim Nourallah - bass, lead guitar
Jason Garner - drums, glockenspiel





As we move further away things grow closer to the sun

Upcoming Fall release!

4 Songs recorded this summer with pop master Salim Nourallah in Dallas Texas


The Clip Clop of Doom

Ballon Chase Team was the last of my bands to appear on Harriet Records. While we never performed under that name we managed to get a few recordings out. "Clip Clop of Doom" and "The Other Shoe" were released on the 1998 Harriet compilation "The Friendly Society"



Harriet Records

I was in a lot of bands that appeared on Harriet Records. A label that Tim Alborn ran from 1989-1998 while laboring as an assistant professor at Harvard. Now Tim has uploaded a playlist that features much of the Harriet Catalog. He has included this track which was never released but I gave to Tim on a cassette at a going away party for him when he was leaving Cambridge. Notable mostly for being the first recording under the name Uranium Daughters.